Unconscious bias and stereotyping affect all of our relationships. The impact between teachers and students, teachers and parents, and teachers and other educators shapes the educational landscape in profound ways. The need for teachers, who are at the center of these relationships, to recognize their unconscious bias is critical to the success of students of color and to closing the achievement gap. Teaching White provides a strategic roadmap for educators to uncover their own bias, define or redefine their racial and ethnic identity, investigate the ways that school rewards some students but not others, and begin to form a personal plan of action to interrupt the predictable disproportionality in outcomes for students of colors.

Course Objectives: 

  • Explore the concepts of implicit bias and the impact that is has on your relationships, society, and the community as a whole.
  •  We will explore your teaching style and how it impacts the learning of your students. 
  • We will look at our privilege and the role it plays in our classrooms. 
  • We will identify areas that we can improve our engagement with our students to support their learning.