This course will provide a principal's personal perspective on leading a school in which the majority of the students are of color and the majority of staff members are white. Become engaged with empowering strategies for building a racially aware staff focused on equity in education. Learn how to develop trust and to not be seen as anything less than genuine through your actions in the daily struggle of confronting inequities and embracing conflict in order to sustain the change your students deserve.

Course Outcomes

  1. Explore the pathways for developing trust and for talking about race in order to move towards a more equitable environment.
  2. Learn key steps for confronting inequities in education and work towards identifying and eliminating racial oppression and inequality.
  3. Explore historical and present-day examples of to develop personalized and actionable steps for creating equity.
  4. Learn processes for sustaining measures to ensure consistent and continuing efforts to ensure equity in education.