We talk about microaggressions and yet most of us feel woefully unprepared to address them when we encounter them.  Microaggressions are not always racial...but they always impact us.  We all experience microaggressions for many reasons, most them are related to our differences, specifically how we differ from what is considered the "norm." This presentation builds knowledge and skill to be able to identify and effectively address microaggessions when they occur.

Together we will explore the world of microaggressions, what they look like and how they impact each of us throughout our lives. This session will support participants to explore their own responses, bias and practice ways to confront microaggressions when they occur to begin to build capacity to challenge them in a compassionate manner.

Key Take away

  • Opportunity to examine bias' we each bring to the table
  • Practice having difficult conversations
  • Develop skills to be effective communicator