Transgender and gender non-conforming students are bullied and harassed at staggering rates. California makes it clear that these students are entitled to the same protections as students in other protected classes, such as race, disabilities and sexual orientation. This course examines the special considerations that arise for transgender students, the related federal and state laws, and appropriate ways to intervene when gender identity or gender expression is the target of bullying behavior.

This course examines the impact of bullying on students and school climate; and provides best practices for school administrators, staff and students to recognize bullying behaviors, effectively intervene and accelerate a systemic, institutional change to reverse the impact of bullying.

As school districts continue to develop strategies to implement the AB 9 bullying prevention requirements, there has been increased confusion as to what is the legally required response when the bullying implicates a protected class, such as race, gender identity, disability, etc. This course examines both federal and state anti-discrimination law requirements and provides guidance and clarity regarding the response required by a district to ensure compliance with both sets of laws and to minimize the likelihood of the Office for Civil Rights finding a compliance violation. It also includes a review of sample UCP and Bullying policies that will ensure that your district is in compliance.