Global Equity Academy (GEA) is an online training platform that invites its members to explore foundational concepts related to equity, inclusion, and racial identity. The monthly training sessions will support participants through a guided and collaborative exploration of self as it relates to racial and identity development.  
GEA connects you with industry leaders and equity warriors who are committed to creating and fostering compassionate dialogues, as we start to address problems around equity at our school sites.
GEA Objectives:
  • Learn/Explore foundation concepts:
    • Equity & Equality
    • Racial Identity
    • RIR Protocol
    • Critical Race Theory Tenets
  • Equity Audits: 
    • Explore systems of inequity. 
    • Explore ways to disrupt cycles of marginalization.
  • Explore social justice issues through the RIR framework. 
  • Collaborate with other sites/districts on equitable practices and new approaches to student learning.
  • Create/Foster a more equitable environment for ALL. 
Our hope is that this blended learning venue will be used for resource sharing and collaboration.
“The best collaborations create something bigger than the sum of what each person can create on their own” -Author Unknown