Learn the foundational framework of CRP from which to build capacity to work effectively with students of color, thus eliminating the racial achievement disparities that exist in schools. This training will look at Culturally Relevant Pedagogy as a tool participants will use to reflect personally on their practice, analyze the systemic issues that perpetuate the disparities, and help them have honest and compassionate dialogue to impact kids.

“No matter how good our intentions to be free of prejudice, we all have implicit biases that can have a serious impact on our work in schools.”  Participants will explore the concept of implicit bias and the nuanced behavior that is a product of our unconsciousness. As they engage with the materials, participant’s will have opportunities to reflect upon how your implicit biases may be impacting there work in schools as well as their personal lives. They will engage in activities to practice “interrupting” the behavior internally and interpersonally. Finally they will create an action plan around the essential question: What am I willing to do to not only become aware, but interrupt actions that reflect implicit bias.

This course will provide a white principal's personal perspective on leading a school in which the majority of the students are of color and the majority of staff members are white. Become engaged with empowering strategies for building a racially aware staff focused on equity in education. Learn how to develop trust and to not be seen as anything less than genuine through your actions in the daily struggle of confronting inequities and embracing conflict in order to sustain the change your students deserve.

Moving from Cultural Precompetence to Cultural Proficiency by examining historical bases to prevailing barriers, cultural assets, barriers that function as core values and guiding principles that inform core values.

Unconscious bias and stereotyping affect all of our relationships. The impact between teachers and students, teachers and parents, and teachers and other educators shapes the educational landscape in profound ways. The need for teachers, who are at the center of these relationships, to recognize their unconscious bias is critical to the success of students of color and to closing the achievement gap. Teaching White provides a strategic roadmap for educators to uncover their own bias, define or redefine their racial and ethnic identity, investigate the ways that school rewards some students but not others, and begin to form a personal plan of action to interrupt the predictable disproportionality in outcomes for students of colors.

When most people talk about race and ethnicity, they are, typically, discussing non-white people. Often white people do not see themselves as a group, but as distinct individuals. They may define themselves ethnically but not racially. In White, Not Racist, and Guilt Free, we provide a healthy and supportive strategy for white people to discover, embrace, and understand themselves as racial beings.

Exclusionary language is embedded in the English language and undermines the ability of schools to educate students with diverse cultural backgrounds. By exclusionary language we mean language and messages that describe someone as not being something -“non-white”- and results in the excluded listener feeling “othered,” “less than,” or “inadequate”. In this training, participants will discuss the forms of exclusionary language and messages that are prevalent in educational settings, and discuss appropriate personal and professional responses to its use.

"Of the different voices in which I speak, I have been most comfortable with the one called silence. Silence allowed me to escape notice when I was a child. I could become invisible, and hence safe.”

Understand how perpetuating the "model minority” myth further fosters systemic racism and promotes inter-racism and ultimately perpetuates white dominance. Explore how including this often overlooked perspective can impact our abilities to deepen our understanding in becoming anti-racists leader.